I recently got interested in ukuleles, when my granddaughter re-gifted one to me. After messing around for a couple of weeks I started collecting them-

Now I have a soprano, concert, 6-string tenor, and an old banjo ukulele. After seeing Daniel Hulbert's DIY electric travel ukulele, I decided to try and build one.

I started with his great design and added a built-in headphone amp ( ).  Below is the result:





Here is a slightly different design:






     It contains the same Ruby amp.










And this one is a lap slide uke:




  It was modeled after the Danelectro lap steel guitar of the '50s.

  Again, the same amp.








I then made some acoustic ukes:




  This one was made using 2 cake pans for the head. It followed a Make Magazine design.












 Note the Pete Seeger style banjo bridge-

   it's supposed to direct vibrational energy towards the center of the head.






 My most recent build is a one-of-a-kind folding uke, just to see if I could do it: