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I recently decided to try to build a small CNC router. There is a lot of information online for this, but I settled on the Mantis 9. It is a desktop (footprint is 10"x10") unit; the largest workpiece it can handle is about 4"x6". It was easy to build and the cost was around $100. This machine is controlled by an Arduino microprocessor, and connects to a computer's USB port. Good information can be found at these sites and elsewhere:



Here is a picture of my CNC-




                  and here are some of the things I've been making with it--







    Note the 4-bar linkage used as a hinge.







and , lately, I've been making puzzle boxes:             



The next project was a whirligig for my stepdaughter, a horse lover. I did not use the CNC machine for this one.


                         Click on the image to watch it in action.