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Well, what are SIB's, you ask? They're Ships-In-Bottles, of course. Here are some links to SIBpages and some pictures of SIB's I've built. On the right is a model of Seahorse, a Cape Dory 31, belonging to Ron and Ginny Kirkland; below, the Thomas W. Lawson, the only seven-masted schooner ever built.

To the right is a model of the Norfolk Rebel,  a working sail/diesel tug in the lower Chesapeake Bay. Below is a photo of the real Rebel towing a replica of the Godspeed past the Norfolk Navy Base at sunset.

The US Coast Guard training ship, Eagle.

A model of an early New York pilot boat. 


Here is the SIBAA (Ships-in-Bottles Association of America) page.



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